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Kizzy's Christmas Single 0n Spotify and iTunes

17/ 12/ /2017

Merry Christmas!
Kizzy's Christmas single 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', which was recorded with a live Grand Orchestra, is available on  
iTunes and Spotify


Kizzy At The Sponsor Dinner for Africa

01/ 12/ /2017

Kizzy was invited to sing and perform her poetry at the Special Maboke Sponsor Dinner. 

The event, organized bij Stichting MISA, will shed a light on the homeless children in Congo, Africa.

The evening featuring several politicians, speakers an artists will be held on the 2nd of December and takes place in Schiedam.


And The Winners Are...

28/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will sing and speak at the Live Your Purpose EVENT on the 3th and 4th of november! 

The WINNERS of the free tickets worth

€ 697,- for the 'Live your Purpose EVENT' of The New Business Women in Brabanthallen, Den Bosch are Diana Willekes and Renate Koning.


Please contact for details.


Win Free Tickets!

19/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will give away 2 tickets worth € 697,- on her Facebook page. The tickets are for the Live your Purpose EVENT by The New Business Women where she is one of the speakers and singers!

Location: Brabanthallen, Den Bosch.
* All you have to do to win a free ticket is to comment under this post en tag other women for home you think this event might be interesting.
* The winners will be announced soon!
* You will get your Purpose in Life clearly and get the courage to help or start your business and bring your life to the next level! Your path in life and business will be clear. Guaranteed!
* Link of the event: Live your Purpose.

Kizzy at Hoppe, Schiedam

07/ 10/ /2017

On the 7th of October Kizzy performed at Hoppe Schiedam.

She was invited by ORA Offshore Customs Consultancy to perform in music and poetry at the present event celebration.

Kizzy sang and recited her poem Supervrouwen for the businessmen and women present. 

Zangeres / Singer Kizzy - Hoppe Schiedam
Zangeres / Singer Kizzy - Hoppe Schiedam

Kizzy At The National Integration Dinner

01/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will perform during the National Integration Dinner on the 12 of October.

It will be held at Yarden Rotterdam.